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The world never ceases to impress. Read about the most astonishing tech inventions of 2018 and learn what the future holds.

The world is moving forward at an astounding pace. Being in my 20s, I am already afraid to lag behind. Robots taking over factories and children having AI nannies is no news, but 2018 may actually become the year when all these things go on the mass market.

An expert from coolessay.net is here to share some insights on the most astonishing tech inventions of 2018. Stay tuned!

…Did you know that fingerprints are horribly unreliable and can even be hacked by a special printer? This is what inspired the scientists from Descartes Biometrics to develop a new identification device – the earprint. It sends the sound in your ear which is then echoed back. This echo is different for every person.

If you want to utilize Earprint, you’ve got to download special software on your phone. This software will then use the smartphone sensors to do its job. The process is quick and easy: you just need to press the touch screen against your ear. So, this device might as well substitute fingerprints in the future.

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