Biometric Security: How the Fingerprint Is Replacing the Password | Now. Northrop Grumman

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If you’ve ever struggled to remember a password, then biometric security might have some appeal. By recognizing physical features that are unique to you — like your fingerprints, face and even your ears — biometric technology allows you to unlock your favorite devices and apps effortlessly in a secure environment.

Old Idea, New Techniques

While various computer manufacturers have experimented with fingerprint-based IDs, the practice saw a huge boost in 2013 when Apple introduced Touch ID for its iPhone. Since then, biometrics have been used to secure all types of applications.

MasterCard and Nymi announced in 2015 that they could authenticate a user’s credit card purchases by measuring the user’s heartbeat, said VentureBeat. Google has also looked into using speech patterns as an identifier under its Project Abacus, TechCrunch reported. Descartes Biometrics uses customers’ ears as biometric markers, according to Wired.

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