CES 2014: a look at the evolving role of passwords and alternative access | Weber Shandwick

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By Kristen Stippich | January 8, 2014

What do your eye, the palm of your hand, and your ear have in common? At CES, they are the new, secure passwords of the future. Soon, accessing information won’t be about remembering words or combinations of letters and symbols to determine whether it is you when you try to retrieve and use your information. Instead, it’ll be about using your biometrics – literally, you – to manage everything from paying for your next cup of coffee, to checking in at the airport, to managing all of your social media accounts.

Throughout the halls of CES there are many exhibitors offering new ways to access personal or company data that sound more like you’re entering a building at the CIA than paying for a cup of joe at your local café. For example, Pulse Wallet, a company that links payments to the palm of your hand, is currently beta testing its product and hopes to have you using your hand – rather than a phone or card – the next time you want to pay at a grocery store or check in at the gym.

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