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Secure your identity.

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Descartes Biometrics product lineup

Biometric Solutions.

Secure your device, applications, and transactions with technology based on human characteristics that protect your identity and your valuable information.

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Unlock your phone with your ear – biometric security for Android smartphones.

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Ear recognition and detection software that identifies users with a smartphone’s front-facing camera.

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Secure your tablet with unique biometric hand touch patterns for each family member.

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Our technology is:


Intelligent profiles learn and improve with use!


Your body’s unique characteristics + adjustable security settings.


Our easy to use technology doesn’t require any additional hardware.

Why Mobile Security?

 56% of Americans own a smartphone.

 113 smartphones are lost or stolen per minute in the USA.

 34% of smartphone users don’t secure their device.

1 Pew Internet & American Life Project | 2 Protect Your Bubble | 3 Consumer Reports


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“Sensitive touchscreens can pick up much more than a finger tap or swipe…they can detect the shape of a human ear. That’s the idea behind the Ergo Android app by Descartes Biometrics.”CNN Tech

5 biometric alternatives to the password

“‘The human ear is as unique as the human fingerprint,’ said CEO Michael Boczek.  Boczek believes the ear can unlock not just a login for smart phone, but a future for the startup company.”KOMO 4 News

Your next security password may be your ear

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“For those who are having a tough time remembering all those account passwords, a Bellingham company has come up with a solution that is as simple as bringing the smartphone up to your ear.”Bellingham Herald

Unlock your cellphone by holding it to your ear? Yes…