Descartes Biometrics adds to its ear authentication technology with HELIX | SecureIDNews

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Descartes Biometrics, a U.S.-based technology company focused on biometric security solutions for the mobile sector, takes its ear authentication technology to the next level with HELIX. Launched at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, HELIX uses a smartphone’s front facing camera and the user’s unique ear features for authentication.

“We are not aware of any other research or implementation capable of performing authentication using ears. HELIX is the first technology that can both identify and authenticate,” says Descartes Biometrics President and CEO Michael Boczek.

The HELIX software captures images and recognizes the shape of an ear. The images are then rotated and cropped for analysis. For identity, HELIX recognizes the user based on unique ear biometrics and image matching. For authentication, a profile is built from three of the user’s images and authenticated with a fourth image.

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