A state of the art ear biometric lockscreen technology available for Android smartphones.

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Available on Android 4.1+

ergo main screen, touch to begin

ear touch point icon Ear Biometrics

The ear is as unique as a fingerprint, less invasive to use than an iris or retinal scan, as natural and intuitive to use as voice recognition, but costs significantly less as it relies on no additional hardware.

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ERGO lock screen enabled

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ear touch point icon Device Security

By combining the most natural of all phone gestures – lifting your phone to your ear – with the unique geometry of your ear, we have created a robust and reliable lockscreen solution. ERGO™ utilizes Android’s built in locking mechanisms to ensure your device is properly secured.

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ear touch point icon Easy to Use

The convenience of ear biometrics for mobile device security is not easily matched. When ERGO™ is running, by simply raising the device to an ear in a natural way, all necessary data is captured at the precise moment the ear taps the screen. A unique security profile is calculated and can be adjusted at your convenience.

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ERGO Create profile

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ear touch point icon Mobile App

ERGO™ leverages the capacitive touch screen to capture a user’s unique ear impression. In addition to the touch points ERGO™ relies on a number of other sensors embedded in modern smartphones.

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