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Software developer kit for state of the art ear touchpoint biometrics

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ERGO™ is a software toolkit providing ear biometric authentication technology utilizing the touch screen and various sensors of a mobile device.

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Ear Biometric
An individual’s identity is verified as an authorized operator by combining a physiological biometric - data derived from the direct measurement of the ear – with a behavioral biometric, which is data derived from physical action taken by a person as they raise their smartphone to their ear.

By combining the most natural of all phone gestures – lifting your phone to your ear – with the unique geometry of your ear itself, we have created a robust and reliable mobile device security solution that is easy to use, non-invasive and non-distracting. An ERGO™ user simply lifts the device to their ear and presses their ear to the center of the touch screen to authenticate and unlock the device.

In an increasingly mobile society, where access to banking and business applications over a personal smartphone or tablet is commonplace, personal identification and authentication has emerged as a global imperative. Biometrics is a rapidly evolving technology found not only in forensic science but also in a broad range of consumer applications.

Device Security
The mobile device market relies on two forms of security: knowledge-based and biometric. Knowledge-based security, or “things you know,” relies on pins/passwords. Biometrics, or “things you have,” relies on the unique attributes of a user. With knowledge-based security, access is gained through pins/passwords. Because they are easily forgotten, stolen, hacked, or shared, this type of security compromises convenience and reliability. ERGO™ provides users the ability to authenticate using a biometric that is local and insular – the profile is stored and used on the device.

Easy to Use
When ERGO™ is running, the operator simply raises the device to their ear in a natural way and data is captured at the precise moment the ear taps the screen. The user’s unique security profile can be adjusted for sensitivity and tolerance.

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ERGO™ Features:

  • Robust and reliable – as robust and reliable as fingerprinting without criminal stigma
  • Profile stored on device – rather than in a federal database, your profile is safely stored within the device
  • Natural and intuitive phone gesture - raising your phone to your ear is as natural and intuitive as voice recognition without limitations
  • Intelligent profile - ERGO™ learns and improves security with use, storing up to ten scans of the user’s ear
  • Profile refinement prompt – as scans become more consistent, ERGO™ allows the user to refine their profile
  • Adjustable security – adjustable match confidence allows each user to set the tolerance threshold of what ERGO™ will accept or reject for authentication
  • Designed for Android
The Benefits of using ERGO™ technology:

  • The ear is a stable and enduring biometric that does not change over time
  • Less invasive to use than an iris or retinal scan
  • Cost effective as it leverages existing hardware
  • No more need for knowledge-based security of pins/passwords
  • One touch lock/unlock
  • Unique biometric stored on device
  • No additional hardware needed