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What is ERGO?

ERGO™ (Patent Pending) is the World’s first ear biometric authentication technology designed specifically for Android smartphones. By combining the most natural of all phone gestures — lifting your phone to your ear — with the unique geometry of your ear, we have created a robust and reliable mobile device security solution that is easy to use, non-invasive and non-distracting.

Key Features

  • No more PINs/Passwords
  • No additional hardware required
  • User’s profile stored on the device

Adjust Security

ERGO™ provides users with the ability to adjust their “match confidence” to meet their unique security requirements. There is an obvious trade-off between device security and convenience.  If device security is set too high users may be prompted to submit more than one scan to unlock their device. Conversely, if device security is set too low users run the risk of having their smartphone unlocked by an unauthorized user.

Adding a scan

Adding scans to your profile strengthens your security.  When you attempt to authenticate the scan is compared to every other scan stored in your profile.  If you have fewer than 10 scans stored in your profile additional scans will automatically be added to your profile if the submitted scan exceeds the quality of your stored scans.

Create a profile

After downloading ERGO™ from the store and accepting permissions, users will be presented with a brief tutorial on how to create a profile. Users will be required to capture multiple scans until a consistent user profile can be created.  The minimum number of scans required to create a profile is set to four. Users are encouraged to add additional scans to strengthen their user profile.