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Patent pending

Software Developer Kit for biometric ear recognition technology

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Seamless integration with pre-built modules for Android and iOS.


Intelligent ear detection and flexible image pre-processing.


Local or cloud template generation to fit any enterprise solution.


Reliable user identification (1 to many) and authentication (1 to 1).

Cross Platform Ear Biometric Identification and Authentication

HELIX™ (Patent pending) utilizes a device’s camera to authenticate or identify a user from their unique ear features.

HELIX™ (Patent pending) utilizes a smartphone’s front facing camera to authenticate or identify a user from their unique ear features.

HELIX™ iPhone 6 create profile screen

Enterprise Level Biometric Solution
The HELIX™ technology is an enterprise level biometric providing the ability to identify you by your unique ear features. HELIX™ does not require any additional hardware and is capable of processing any qualifying image containing an ear. As robust software that can be integrated with an app, device or other existing technology, HELIX™ has limitless use cases in numerous industries. Possible applications include banking, travel, medical and personnel attendance solutions, as well as application, device and building security.

Cross Platform Software Library
HELIX™ is a cross-platform software library written in C++ with capture modules wrapped in Java and Objective C for both Android and iOS. HELIX is easily deployable for mobile or server based solutions. To see the technology in action, schedule a demonstration via Skype or request an iOS demo.

Identification and Authentication
Ears have proven to be an enduring and unique biometric, yet no commercial solution exists for identification or authentication of an individual based on their ear. Identification, or the process of “best matching” someone from a database has been formally studied for decades. However, we are not aware of any research or implementation capable of performing authentication using ears. HELIX™ is the first technology that can both identify and authenticate.

HELIX™ is a purely software-based ear biometric solution providing application, device, and transaction level security.
HELIX™ for Android


  • Cross platform C++ library - the HELIX™ ear recognition technology is built to function on Android and iOS devices.
  • One-to-one and one-to-many matching - ear images can be compared and matched against other images of the same user for authentication, or against a database of other users for identification purposes.
  • Simple deployment - HELIX™ is easily deployed for mobile or server-based solutions.

The core features of the HELIX™ library are ear biometric detection, extraction, identification and authentication.

  • Detection - the software captures images and recognizes the shape of an ear.
  • Extraction - the images captured of the ear are rotated and cropped for analysis.
  • Identification - HELIX™ recognizes user identity based on unique ear biometrics and image matching.
  • Authentication Authentication builds a profile from three of the user’s images and authenticates with the fourth image.
False Accept Rates and False Reject Rates graph for HELIX ear biometric software

Table showing False Accept and Reject Rates for HELIX Vertical table showing HELIX false accept and reject rates


  • The FAR is as low as 0.08%, which is very secure
  • The FRR is as low as 3.93%
  • The HELIX Equal Error Rate (EER) is 4.49%, where the threshold values of the FAR and FRR intersect


To get the False Accept Rate (FAR) and False Reject Rate (FRR) numbers, we performed tests on the XM2VTS database of 252 ear images.

HELIX™ is a robust software solution that can be integrated with an app, device, or other existing technology. With HELIX™, there are limitless use cases across all industries, as well as application, device, and transaction security.

Industry-specific applications include:

banking iconBanking - Integrate HELIX™ ear identification and authentication as an extra layer of protection for mobile banking app or account security, and use ear authentication to verify money transferring services.

transportation iconTransportation - Authenticate travel plans using your ear without the need for sharing identification documents. Require truck drivers, conductors or pilots to authenticate identity before taking control of a vehicle.

healthcare iconHealthcare - Use HELIX™ to verify patients, call up their medical records, and secure sensitive personal data. Identify and build health profiles for patients in developing countries with no written records.

military iconGovernment / Military - Require two-step authentication solutions with HELIX™ and a password to allow access to buildings, rooms, devices, or programs.

time and attendance iconTime & Attendance - Allow personnel to check in and sign out with HELIX™ using their own devices.Verify that people are where they say they are, as biometrics cannot be shared like a PIN or password.

Integration Possibilities:

  • Application security - identification and authentication of a user’s ear allowing access to a secure mobile app (instead of a conventional PIN or Password).
  • Device security - HELIX™ can be used for biometric user verification to secure a device.
  • Transaction security - banks and financial institutions can use HELIX™ as another level of security. Before a transaction is approved, a user is prompted to authenticate using their ear.
User demonstrating Helix