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HELIX Biometric Ear Recognition Software

Get biometric security and surveillance with HELIX ear identification software solutions for the Enterprise from Descartes Biometrics.

The HELIX software can be integrated with most camera-equipped devices (such as body cameras, webcams and smartphones) to identify or authenticate a person based on their unique ear shape.

HELIX Lockscreen App Setup

Learn how to set up and use the HELIX™ Ear Biometric Lockscreen App from Descartes Biometrics. HELIX for Android lets you unlock your smartphone by scanning your ear with your front-facing camera.

Simply hold the front-facing camera on your phone to your ear, pull away approximately 6 to 12 inches from your head, and wait for the vibration that signifies the HELIX process is complete.

How to authenticate a user profile in HELIX

HELIX™ (Patent Pending) by Descartes Biometrics is a revolutionary new cross-platform ear biometric image capture and recognition system. This video shows the three step process to authenticate a user profile in the HELIX™ demo for iOS:

Authentication Process

  • 1. Select your user profile
  • 2. Pull the phone straight away from your ear
  • 3. If your ear matches the stored profile, your identity will be successfully authenticated