[New App] Screw Faces And Fingerprints, ERGO Lets You Unlock Your Smartphone Using Just Your Ears | Android Police

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Posted by Bertel King, Jr.

Unlocking our phones is quite the hassle. Sticking a PIN or password on the lock screen is your most reliable option, but inputting that information every time admittedly gets old. There’s face unlock, but that’s too easy to circumvent. As for fingerprint scanning? The required hardware isn’t exactly widespread. So now Descartes Biometrics is offering users the ability to unlock their smartphones… using their ears.

Once installed, ERGO serves as your phone’s lockscreen. All you need to do to unlock the device, at least in theory, is tap on the screen and hold the phone up to your ear. If it doesn’t work, then the app falls back to a good old-fashioned password. This is good, because if your luck is anything like mine, you’re going to need it. If only I had President Obama’s ears.

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