Hats Off to Ear Shape Biometrics | Mobile ID World

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A biometrics developer will be showing off a unique modality at this year’s CES on the Hill event in Washington DC: ear biometrics. Developed by Descartes Biometrics Inc., the HELIX system can identify individuals based on the appearance of their unique ear shapes. HELIX boasts of a cross-platform library and is compatible with most camera-equipped devices, including webcams, smartphones, surveillance … Read More

CES on the Hill 2015: HELIX Ear Recognition Software for the Enterprise

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Michael Boczek with Congressman Darrell Issa at CES on the Hill 2014

BELLINGHAM, WA – March 24, 2015 (above) Michael Boczek (right) shows Congressman Darrell Issa (center) the ERGO ear biometric technology at CES on the Hill 2014. Descartes Biometrics Inc. was invited to attend the International CES on the Hill event in Washington DC in 2014 to demonstrate their first ear biometric technology, ERGO, which locked and unlocked Android smartphones when a user … Read More

Juniper Research Features Descartes Biometrics in Biometrics Report

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    In their report titled “Human Interface & Biometric Devices: Emerging Ecosystems, Opportunities & Forecasts 2014-2019,” Juniper Research explores the opportunities for the various technologies underpinning gesture-based, touchless and biometric functionalities in the mobile device. It also explores use of the technology beyond mobile in sectors such as healthcare and the automotive industry, to identify possible avenues for innovation … Read More

5 biometric alternatives to the password | CNN Tech

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There are many things that make you special: Your sense of humor, your dance moves, your personal style, the shape of your ear. That’s right, your ear. Sensitive touchscreens can pick up much more than a finger tap or swipe. With the right software and phone, they can detect the shape of a human ear. That’s the idea behind the ERGO … Read More

Your next security password may be your ear | KOMO News

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BELLINGHAM, Wash. — There are devices that scan your fingerprint, read your retina and face, recognize your voice, and identify you using the veins in your palm. So why not the ear? Descartes Biometrics in Bellingham has developed Ergo, an app for Android smart phones that uses your ear as a password. “The human ear is as unique as the … Read More

Mobile & Wearable Biometrics Market Intelligence | Goode Electronics

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The fourth edition of Goode Intelligence’s market intelligence subscription service covering industry activity for the Mobile & Wearable Biometrics sector during May, 2014. Companies referenced in this edition include: Apple,  Authentify, Bio-key, BioCatch, CrucialTec, Descartes Biometrics, Fingerprint Cards, IDair, IDEX,  Nex-ID Biometrics, NEXT Biometrics, Nuance Communications, PasswordBox,  Samsung, Semiconducting Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), The Natural Security Alliance, The FIDO Alliance. View Report

New Biometric Software Bringing Ear Recognition to Smartphones | Find Biometrics

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A new partnership between Siam Smartphone and Descartes Biometrics is promising a new mobile strong authentication solution:ear recognition. Called ERGO, the ear biometric authentication technology that serves the usual post-password demands that are finding traction in the world of consumer mobile devices. The novel biometric technology guards the lock screen of Android smartphones and is available as a software development … Read More

[New App] Screw Faces And Fingerprints, ERGO Lets You Unlock Your Smartphone Using Just Your Ears | Android Police

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Posted by Bertel King, Jr. Unlocking our phones is quite the hassle. Sticking a PIN or password on the lock screen is your most reliable option, but inputting that information every time admittedly gets old. There’s face unlock, but that’s too easy to circumvent. As for fingerprint scanning? The required hardware isn’t exactly widespread. So now Descartes Biometrics is offering … Read More

Siam Smartphone Teams Up With Descartes Biometrics | ReleaseWire

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Blaine, WA — ReleaseWire — 05/14/2014 — Darius Allen, CEO of Siam Smartphone announced today that a strategic alliance was formed with Michael Boczek, President and CEO of Descartes Biometrics.Descartes Biometrics is a US-based technology company committed to the design, development and marketing of biometric authentication solutions for the mobile sector.Mobile Device Security has been plagued by problems. PINs/Passwords are easily lost, … Read More

Unlock your cellphone by holding it to your ear? Yes, says Bellingham company | Bellingham Herald

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By Dave Gallagher | The Bellingham Herald – April 27, 2014 BELLINGHAM – For those who are having a tough time remember all those account passwords, a Bellingham company has come up with a solution that is as simple as bringing the smartphone up to your ear. Michael and Katie Boczek operate Descartes Biometrics, a local high-tech firm that develops computer … Read More