Biometrics Are Coming, Along With Serious Security Concerns | WIRED

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You’re buying a pair of jeans. At the register, instead of reaching for your wallet or phone, you pull back your hair. The cashier holds a camera up to your ear. The camera confirms a match to a photo in a database, all of which is linked to your bank. Transaction complete. This futuristic scenario is actually not so far-fetched, and … Read More

Earprints, tail therapy and calorie scanners: Japan’s latest inventions | CNN

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…Thought your fingerprint was secure? Think again. Researchers at Michigan State University last year proved it can be hacked using little more than an inkjet printer. Enter the earprint. Developed by US-based technology firm Descartes Biometrics, it works like this: Firstly, the user downloads the ERGO software onto their smartphone. The user lifts the device to the side of their head and presses the … Read More

Biometric Authentication Provides Body of Evidence | Nanalyze

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If you’re as plugged in as we are, then you probably have something like 150 online accounts. That means you probably have 150 variations of the same half-dozen login names and passwords. And chances are, you’ve gotten a message from a friend in the last few months telling you that it looks like you got hacked again, after he received … Read More

6 Most Astonishing Tech Inventions of 2018 | TechWorm

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The world never ceases to impress. Read about the most astonishing tech inventions of 2018 and learn what the future holds. The world is moving forward at an astounding pace. Being in my 20s, I am already afraid to lag behind. Robots taking over factories and children having AI nannies is no news, but 2018 may actually become the year … Read More

Biometric Security: How the Fingerprint Is Replacing the Password | Now. Northrop Grumman

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If you’ve ever struggled to remember a password, then biometric security might have some appeal. By recognizing physical features that are unique to you — like your fingerprints, face and even your ears — biometric technology allows you to unlock your favorite devices and apps effortlessly in a secure environment. Old Idea, New Techniques While various computer manufacturers have experimented … Read More

Descartes Biometrics adds to its ear authentication technology with HELIX | SecureIDNews

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Descartes Biometrics, a U.S.-based technology company focused on biometric security solutions for the mobile sector, takes its ear authentication technology to the next level with HELIX. Launched at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, HELIX uses a smartphone’s front facing camera and the user’s unique ear features for authentication. “We are not aware of any other research or implementation capable of performing authentication using ears. HELIX … Read More

Hats Off to Ear Shape Biometrics | Mobile ID World

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A biometrics developer will be showing off a unique modality at this year’s CES on the Hill event in Washington DC: ear biometrics. Developed by Descartes Biometrics Inc., the HELIX system can identify individuals based on the appearance of their unique ear shapes. HELIX boasts of a cross-platform library and is compatible with most camera-equipped devices, including webcams, smartphones, surveillance … Read More

CES on the Hill 2015: HELIX Ear Recognition Software for the Enterprise

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Michael Boczek with Congressman Darrell Issa at CES on the Hill 2014

BELLINGHAM, WA – March 24, 2015 (above) Michael Boczek (right) shows Congressman Darrell Issa (center) the ERGO ear biometric technology at CES on the Hill 2014. Descartes Biometrics Inc. was invited to attend the International CES on the Hill event in Washington DC in 2014 to demonstrate their first ear biometric technology, ERGO, which locked and unlocked Android smartphones when a user … Read More

Juniper Research Features Descartes Biometrics in Biometrics Report

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    In their report titled “Human Interface & Biometric Devices: Emerging Ecosystems, Opportunities & Forecasts 2014-2019,” Juniper Research explores the opportunities for the various technologies underpinning gesture-based, touchless and biometric functionalities in the mobile device. It also explores use of the technology beyond mobile in sectors such as healthcare and the automotive industry, to identify possible avenues for innovation … Read More

5 biometric alternatives to the password | CNN Tech

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There are many things that make you special: Your sense of humor, your dance moves, your personal style, the shape of your ear. That’s right, your ear. Sensitive touchscreens can pick up much more than a finger tap or swipe. With the right software and phone, they can detect the shape of a human ear. That’s the idea behind the ERGO … Read More

Your next security password may be your ear | KOMO News

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BELLINGHAM, Wash. — There are devices that scan your fingerprint, read your retina and face, recognize your voice, and identify you using the veins in your palm. So why not the ear? Descartes Biometrics in Bellingham has developed Ergo, an app for Android smart phones that uses your ear as a password. “The human ear is as unique as the … Read More